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1. The name of the Association is Denmark - Hong Kong Trade Association. The Association has its place of business in Copenhagen.

2. The purpose of the Association is to promote commercial, industrial and other business-related activity between Denmark, Hong Kong SAR and the Pearl River Delta, and to promote the general conditions for trade and economic cooperation. To achieve this, the Association shall arrange meetings, seminars and other similar activities to give its members knowledge of particularly the existing commercial and economic situation. The Association is apolitical and does not seek a direct economic profit for its members.

3. The Association can admit individuals and legal entities, who are interested in the relations between Denmark, Hong Kong SAR and the Pearl River Delta. Cancellation of membership of the Association must be made in writing to the Association. Cancellation of membership will only be approved if the subscription fee has been paid for the entire year in which the cancellation takes place. Should a member not pay the subscription fee, the board can by simple majority decide to exclude the member.

4. The ordinary general assembly shall be held every year before the end of the month of May. An extraordinary general assembly must be held when a majority of the board considers it required or when minimum 1/10 (one thenth) of the members of the Association demands in writing that the board calls for such extraordinary general assembly. In this case, the extraordinary general assembly must be called for within 60 (sixty) days.

5. At the ordinary general assembly the following matters must be addressed:
a) approval of the annual report, annual accounts and presentation of auditor’s report
b) election of members of the board
c) election of auditor
d) approval of the budget and subscription fees for the coming year
e) other agenda points as referred to in the meeting invitation
f) all other business.
The board constitutes itself at the ordinary general assembly with a chairman and deputy chairman.
The extraordinary general assembly must address the agenda points that have caused the calling of the extraordinary general assembly and as stated in the distributed invitation.

6. Invitation and agenda for the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly is distributed in writing to the individual member by no later than 14 (fourteen) days before the meeting.

7. At the general assembly – ordinary and extraordinary – each member has 1 (one) vote, and decisions are adopted by simple majority. In the event of an equal division of votes, the chairman has the casting vote.
If required by a member, the vote is to be held anonymously.

8. The Association is managed by the board, consisting of chairman, deputy chairman and maximum 9 (nine) members. Each board member is elected for a period of 3 (three) years.
The board forms a quorum when minimum 4 (four) members, including the chairman or the deputy chairman, are present.
At the board meetings, each board member has 1 (one) vote and decisions are adopted by simple majority. In the event of an equal division of votes, the chairman has the casting vote.

9. The board has overall responsibility for the practical implementation of the Association’s work, which can be carried out by external secretarial aid or hiring of a secretary and other personnel.
The board hires and decides upon the terms and conditions for employment of the secretary and other personnel deemed necessary to carry out the daily tasks of the Association.

10. The chairman, the deputy chairman, or, in special cases, 2 (two) board members jointly sign for the Association.

11. The budgetary period of the Association follows the calendar year. The annual accounts shall be presented to the auditor within the month of March of each year.

12. Decision on changes to the Association’s statutes can be made on an extraordinary general assembly, if 2/3 (two thirds) of the present members vote in favour of the suggested changes.

13. The Association can only be dissolved if the move for dissolution is voted for by at least 2/3 (two thirds) of the present members at 2 (two) consecutive general assemblies. These assemblies must be held with an intervening period of minimum 2 (two) months.
Should the Association be dissolved, its funds should be attributed to an organisation which works to promote the relation between Denmark, Hong Kong SAR and the Pearl River Delta.

Statutes of 1989 – revised in May 2010.

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he new facility in Shenyang, the capital of northeastern Liaoning province, began operation recently to produce about 65,000 LCD televisions per month.

“It follows our strategies to actively respond to the Chinese premium TV market by establishing a production line for LCD TVs, for which demand has surged recently,” an LG official said.

The Seoul-headquartered firm runs 14 factories in China but had produced LCD TVs only at its Nanjing unit in southern China.

It plans to distribute 3-D TVs and smart TVs made in Shenyang throughout northern China and keep Nanjing as a production base for southern regions, another official said, thus saving shipping costs and making its supply chain more sophisticated.
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