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Membership benefits

Join a professional network of over 200 'Hong Kong' - focused people in Denmark with a special interest for the trade between Denmark and Hong Kong SAR. The association was established with the aim to promote commercial, industrial and other trade related activities.

Further, the association has the purpose to promote the general conditions for trade and economic development between Denmark and Hong Kong SAR.

The association is supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels, and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Stockholm, and has since its start implemented 3-4 events yearly, where its members have been able:

  • to participate in speeches by top business representatives and specialist from Hong Kong SAR and Denmark
  • to obtain contacts to business people for mutual exchange of experiences and/or future cooperation
  • to obtain information about the market’s general development, like changes in state of the market, legal aspects and the development up to date and in the future.

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Downtown HK

Just like the photo above suggests, our organisation is alive, active, vibrant and growing every year. We have over 200 members and growing.


Denmark - Hong Kong Trade Association
c/o Dansk Erhverv
1217 København K

Tlf.: 3374 6000
Fax: 3374 6080

Ole Christoffersen
Tlf.: 4086 8531

Bjart Auglend
Tel.:3374 6465


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Annual membership fees are:

  • Company DKK 1200,00
  • Personal DKK 400,00

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Denmark - Hong Kong Trade Association | Børsen | 1217 København K | tel. 3374 6000 | fax 3374 6080
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